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Elstree Aerodrome 90th Anniversary Newsletter

Updated: Apr 15

The latest news from Elstree as the weather starts to break in our 90th licensed year

Despite a fairly rotten winter, the Elstree team community have been soldiering on and busy making pre-spring upgrades to buildings, infrastructure and offices. The cafe garden has been extended and re-turfed, fenced and planted, and is looking immaculate - ready for a very busy summer of delicious dining, drinking and aircraft spotting!

This summer sees the publication of Grant Peerless and Richard Riding's fantastic book Elstree Aerodrome: 90 Years in Pictures - an update of the 2002 book Elstree Aerodrome: The Past in Pictures to commemorate the 90th year since the field was granted a licence by the CAA. The book is stuffed full of incredible photos of Elstree through the decades and available via Amazon from 18th July - many thanks to all involved, especially authors Grant Peerless and the late Richard Riding.

We can't wait for the third edition of the Air League's Soaring to Success experience days. We are embarking on a UKRI-funded carbon emissions project with University of Herts and industry partners. We are working on a Website upgrade to better serve pilots, businesses, cafe-goers and other customers. We look forward to plenty of aviation activity and we hope to see lots of visitors.

We are not doing an open day this year but we hope to host one in 2025 - please hold us to it!

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Thanks and hope to see you very soon.

Best wishes,

Humphrey, Jessica and the Aldenham Aviation team

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